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ASCAR FM GmbH: Company

The Company Your ideas can be realized better and easier together with us!

ASCAR FM GmbH is a medium-sized company.
With our versatile range of services, we offer you a comprehensive management service for all aspects of your property. Through our many years of experience and with our expertise as an administrator, your ideas and plans can be realized more easily and the profitability of your real estate can be sustainably ensured.

What to expect?
  • A competent and reliable administration which represents your property on an intensive and personal basis, according to your ideas and interests.
  • Conversion of the jointly planned yield increases.
  • Value preservation and value increase of the objects by realisation of the planned repair and modernisation measures
  • Comprehensive consultation regarding all real estate related questions.
    • e.g. Financing possibilities
    • Conversion possibilities for business or apartment premises.
    • Buying and selling.
What are our requirements?
  • Guarantee of all-round housing conditions under observance of the legal regulations, existing contracts and the house rules.
  • A good residential climate for all tenants.
  • Uncomplicated solution of any problems which may occur in connection, with the necessary consultation.
  • Constant contact with the owners.
How do we realise this?
  • EDP-supported management of social accommodation free of charge, apartment arrangements as well as business properties.
  • Monthly income accounting / issue to the owner.
  • Adaptation of the account form to the owner's requirements.
  • Value added tax accounting with commercial premises.
  • Quarterly inspection of the objects
  • Implementation of rent collections.
  • Implementation of dunning routines.
  • Acceptance and treatment of fault reports.
  • Implementation of any faults which may occur.
  • Inventory taking and handovers at contract termination.
  • Implementation of new rental agreements with corresponding contract completion.
  • Building maintenance in technical and organisational alignment.
  • Guidance and control of the caretakers.
  • Constant control and influence of the costing developments.
  • Implementation of regular rent rises as well as heating and maintenance cost adjustment and restructuring.
  • Proposals and planning of long-term modernisation measures towards the value preservation and value increase of your real estate.
  • Development of long-term investment and financing concepts.


  • Administration of residential and business properties and social housing.
  • Administration of apartment property facilities.
  • Administration of shared properties.
  • Administration of separate properties.


  • Execution of minor repairs
  • Apartment renovation
  • General maintenance (not including gas-related equipment)
  • Caretaker service


  • Realisation of housing and property services on behalf of foreign owners, e.g., expenses settlements (operating expense accounts, heating costs accounts), rent rises, inventories and inspections during handovers.
  • Development of modernisation and maintenance concepts.


  • Dr. Gernot Wunderle, Munic
  • Ms. Sabine Kretzschmar, Berlin
  • PPS Projekt GmbH, Mr. Hartmut Peters, Munich
  • Mr. H. Peters, Berlin
  • Mr. Stephan Huener, Berlin
  • Mr. Johannes Wegener, Wangen im Allgäu
  • WEG Hentigstrasse 24/24a in 10318 Berlin
  • WEG Baenschstrasse 65 in 10247 Berlin
  • WEG Grossbeerenstrasse 34 in 10965 Berlin
  • Mr. Jörn von Bornstaedt, Berlin
  • Mrs. Ellen Bihrer, Berlin
  • Mr. Eivind Knutsen, Denmark
  • Dr. Rosemarie Storz, Rottenburg
030 / 29 49 03 20
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